Fu<k The Cricketers pub

What’s wrong Marcel? you sound miffed :p

While I’m in rant mode I might as well indulge:

I’m never ever going back to The Cricketers Pub. I do not like people in Gestapo uniform barking at me to ‘drink up’ every five minutes as if I’m in a fucking reformatory – interspersed by disinterested and grumpy staff doing the same. I did hear you first time, assholes. If you wanted me to leave 15 minutes earlier, you should have politely asked me 15 minutes earlier to please finish my drink. It would have been no problem for me to do so. But you didn’t, so: screw you.

I happen to be a paying customer who brings (well, brought) money to your business. Shouting at me is a no-no. Can anyone imagine that behaviour in like, a supermarket? Let alone tolerating it? Didn’t think so.

Rude people piss me off, even more so if i’ve paid them. So, once more with feeling:


Never going there again.


One thought on “Fu<k The Cricketers pub

  1. Hey!
    well ja, de pub was een beetje raar… maar het plezier komt van samen te zijn!
    by the way, toffe fotos van de board game! we need todo this again, it s really nice playing games, having fun, and all that!!!
    see you ;)

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