I got 99 problems… but alcohol ain’t one

Just decided to take stock of my/our reasonable collection of alcoholic beverages. Didn’t come out too shabby (don’t mean to boast… well a little bit ha ha >) ).


Smirnoff red
Smirnoff black
Zubrovka (bisongrass)
Chengis Gold
Southern Comfort
Pimm’s No 1
Pimm’s No 3 (winter)
Bacardi white
Captain Morgan spiced
Tanqueray gin (export strength 47.3%)


Absinthe (Horká Ilhovina, Czech)
Absinthe La Valote (Switzerland)
Limoncello (Gioia Luisa)
Maker’s Mark bourbon whisky
Speculaas jenever
Bols Zeer Oude Genever


Baileys original
Grand Marnier red
43 (Cuarenta y tres)
Sempé Connaisseur armagnac
DOM Benedictine
Disaronno amaretto
Mozart dark chocolate
Mozart gold

Whisky (Scotch)

Glenfiddich Solera Reserve
Old Malt Cask by Douglas Laing single cask Bowmore 2011 (1 of 451 bottles)
Bowmore 17 yo
Tobermory 10 yo
Ardbeg 10 yo
Aberlour 10 yo
Talisker 10 yo
Glen Garioch 15 yo
Ardmore 46% (unaged)
Cregganmore 12 yo
Lagavulin 16 yo

Whiskey (Irish)

Jameson Distillery Reserve 12 yo
Redbreast 12 yo
The Irishman 70% malt
Jameson (normal)

Beers (various quantities)

Kasteel Triple
Kasteel Brown
Maredsous Triple
Charles Quint Ruby
Charles Quint Gold
Corne La Triple
Liefmans Golden Band
St Bernardus Prior 8
Bacchus Kriek
Hanssens Oude Gueuze
Grimbergen Gold

Various wines, changing on a weekly basis so unaccounted (5 red, 3 white, if you must know)

Post-election blogging: Proportional representation

Well I was going to write about the advantages and disadvantages and why I think it’s a great idea.

But, already back in 1987, John Cleese has done all of that for me. None of these arguments is in any way diminished (except the phone numbers and freepost address I suppose is different now :p).

Actually the election results look uncannily similar – and the last minute is just creepy, talking about the liberals holding the balance of power and being able to force a referendum on PR :-O.

Take 10 minutes of your time to see John Cleese not being very funny but making a whole lot of sense nonetheless.

Small (6)

and large, too.


Things I learned or re-remembered:

  • That the Oort Cloud is so large (I read that but had forgotten) (won’t say how large, look it up)
  • That after Tera (1012) come Peta (1015), Exa (1018), # (1021) and # (1024) (won’t say which, look it up)
  • Not much happens in the small end of the Universe
  • Uranus is pronounced ‘YER uh niss’
  • Eyelids have the thinnest skin (won’t say how much, look it up)
  • LOL at water molecule (you gotta look that one up, too!)

And last but not least:

  • We’re probably not in the centre of the Universe :p