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Tim Minchin (thank you CC)

Three of many many things I like about my girlfriend are: (1) she’s got a great sense of humour, (2), she’s got a similar sense of humour to mine – now that didn’t come as a surprise after (1), did it :o) ? – and (3) she uses (1) and (2) to introduce me to loads of funny stuff I never knew before. That’s why I posted a YouTube clip of Dara O’Briain not too long ago, for instance. Yes, know him via her.

My latest found gem is Tim Minchin. Atheist, skeptic and funny, he’s just like me, so how can I not like him?!

Instead of trying to describe him, you’re better off just going straight to some of his clips (and if you’re desperate to read about him, go to his Wikipedia page or something.

First clip includes more homeopathy-bashing – always good – and some more spanking of various insanity.

He’s not always socially critical, as in this hilarious glorification of, well, see and hear for yourself:

And this is the most shocking – well it is if you are, roughly as he put it, a member of one of the major monotheistic Abrahamic religions. In which case I suggest that you do not watch this clip:

Opinion | Opinie 07/03/2010

OK OK it’s about time I said it –

Flight of the Conchords is really good and very funny

Some of their best songs:

Je voudrais un croissant”

” ‘Parlez-vous de Français?’ ”
– ‘Eh… non’ ”

“You turn to me and say something sexy like ‘I might go to bed, I’ve got work in the morning’
I know what you’re trying to say baby, you’re trying to say ‘oh yeah… it’s business time’ ”

“Two minutes in heaven are better than one minute in heaven”

“I’m the Hiphopopotamus, my lyrics are bottomless

“And if you rap like me you don’t get paid
And if you roll like me you don’t get laid”

Science, animated and set to music

For your entertainment and education :-)

Not sure about the theory of the closed universe ;-) (or that that will result in an “even bigger bang”, where does the extra energy come from then?) NOR that the elements were formed in a fraction of a second NOR that galaxies are formed within minutes… but I’m being pedantic, it’s a funny song!

The Barenaked Ladies do the theme tune to (a sitcom that I don’t know), The Big Bang Theory

This is different (mostly more violent :p), also not wholly accurate… and also funny :-D

Opinion| Opinie 18/02/2010

My favourite emoticon


…bittersweet, happy but sad, sad but happy.

It’s the feeling I have for instance now, after a good friend has left, back to her home country. I miss her, but at the same time I’m really happy for the good time we’ve had – she’s had – here.

I hope that I will have plenty of use for this emoticon in the future, not just in relation to her, but in my life in general. I do think happiness can feel more intense and…rewarding, when it is mixed with sadness. This probably has to do with the idea that this is our only life, and in a way I have come to reach the opinion that any strong emotion is better than no emotion at all (within certain limits, of course :p). As a recent lyric by Placebo goes:

A heart that hurts is a heart that works – Placebo, Bright Lights

(that will be my quote of the week, too)

Opinion | Opinie 13/02/2010: Whole Lotta Love kicks ass!

It’s weekend, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day… so I don’t feel like heavy opinions for today and tomorrow (tomorrow’s one is easy, if you know me and you know it’s Valentine’s Day, that’s a gimme).

I’ve been listening to a lot of rediscovered music recently – thanks to Spotify! – so I want to write about music. What, whom is tough though. “Pretty Hate Machine has finished downloading”, nah, too negative.

Well, anticipating that looming Valentine’s Day, why not this song:

one of my all-time favorites, and recently taken back on extra meaning…

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

It’s just awesome…

One of the best ways of deciding whether something is heavy metal and not mere hard rock, is to play it louder. If it gets better – it’s heavy metal.

By that “definition”, Whole Lotta Love is absolutely heavy metal!

The guitar/bass riff is so crunchingly loud, it’s staggering. I also think that the drum track is one of the best drum tracks (John Bonham!) of all time. It starts pretty standard after 35 s, but then the first 1 min 20 or so of the song are mostly the main riff serving as a vehicle for characteristic Robert Plant sexual innuendo lyrics :-).

After 1 min 20, things take a change towards the weird and wonderful, and it all gets really exciting for a whole minute, that zips by too fast. After that, John Bonham lets rip and previous bonecrushing service is resumed. Between 2 min 30 and 3 min, the song reaches its climax (oddly appropriate way of putting it), with all four members reaching top gear and Plant threatening to give his partner “every inch of my love”.

After a small pause wherein the band catches a bit of breath, the drums crash in again at 3 min 45 and from there it’s a mad race towards the finish line, each of the band members going gung-ho.

As I said, although the guitar/bass riff is amazing, I really like how the drums signal every key point in the song by pummeling in – at 35 s, at 2 min 20, at 2 min 38, and at 3 min 44 – perhaps the most impressive one, coming from near-complete silence.

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