Even more photos: starlings around West Pier

What is more cheesy than pictures of sunsets & the West Pier?

Exactly: pictures of sunsets, the West Pier AND starlings!


Yet more boring sunset photos…

The obvious question is, does the world NEED more images of the sun setting over Brighton’s West Pier?

To which the equally obvious answer is, NO, OF COURSE NOT!

But this is my blog, and I don’t care. Suffer me, you visitors.

The West Pier

is partly gone! Oh my!

They’ve removed everything but the “main hall”. I feel sad – I suppose not even half as sad as some Brightonians who have seen the Pier decay through two blazes and several storms… I got this sad yet amusing photograph off it:

A fond farewell, or: no words minced

The note on the right reads:

Good Bye West Pier

No longer will we look forward to spring tides and a chance to visit the Pavilion again.

Now a romantic ruin made Disney wreck.

Oh the ignomony [sic].

The note on the left is quite more straightforward:

Fuck you Mary Mears[*] and the council.

Gotta love the people of Brighton!

Incidentally, I’ve decided these two are my Quotes of the Month. Hurray!

[*Brighton council leader, MV]