No TranSib, just… droplets! (Just droplets…? Well…)

As before, my dearest CC provided inspiration for a wonderful photo. “What happens when you take a photo through that condensation?”

Well, after a bit of experimenting (and a messed-up little finger – that darned depth-of-field preview button isn’t meant for this kinda work >-( ), this was the result. Unprocessed as yet except for turning upside down – ideas are welcome.

Oh yeah and if you think it’s just a photo of drops, you REALLY need to zoom in, you lazy bum – use that index finger and click that mouse button :-|.

Misty Brunswick


the Bedroom Marshes

Returning home after a GREAT weekend with not one, not two, but THREE Prom events, and the British Museum, Battersea Park, the Wellcome centre, and a generally super time with my friends…

… found my bedroom turned into a marshland because of a leak at the upstairs neighbours :-(!

Easter in Holland: afterthoughts

return-flightRandom musings after returning from a long weekend in the Netherlands…


Once you travel around – cycling to the Keukenhof, driving to Heemstede, in the train to Groningen and Utrecht v.v. – you do start to notice that there is an awful lot of water around. It’s everywhere. And it’s really high, too, or more precisely, you are really low (the west is largely below sea level). It is something you tend to forget at the south coast of England, with just the odd river every several miles. The Netherlands truly are a water country – and I love that :-).

Double Dutch

You buy Dutch cheese – and you get, as a present, this:


Typical. Nice.

Small world

After landing on Gatwick on the way back, my eye caught the address label on the bag of the girl sat next to me on the plane. As happens, words that are favoured by your brain jump out: Brighton. A second look revealed a familiar address: in the area right next to where I live.

You don’t meet people living that close to you every day, so I approached her, and quickly detected a distinct Dutch accent. She turned out to be a math student at the same university where I work (Sussex, not Brighton), but by this time I wasn’t very surprised anymore. When finally she turned out to be from another town close to Leiden – me from Katwijk, she from Alphen – it just reinforced my firm beliefs that coincidences don’t exist and it’s a small small world

Of course us humans have no business interfering with such workings of fortune, so we exchanged addresses, email nor telephone numbers – and I think I have forgotten her name, too.