All aboard… for the longest train leg yet

Leaving Nizhny Novgorod we were extra excited – not only were we going to Amazing Omsk… well we were not THAT excited about Omsk, no offence – but we were also starting our first (of two) night-day-night train rides. The city distance tool tells me that these cities are 1837 km apart. Quite a trip!

For the first time, we would not be woken up really early to be thrown off the train, and for the first time, we would see the sun set whilst on a train.

Most importantly, we would witness the best thing about train journeys: watching the landscape roll by, and watching it change, slowly, with each passing kilometer. And this journey, there would be more passing kilometers than any of us had ever seen pass :)!

Without further comment I think the best thing is to just show the impressions that I managed to capture (difficult enough…) in a little slideshow.

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