Charity of the Month: Terre des Hommes

Charity of the Month, version 2.0

As of NOW, Charity of the Month has expanded, and improved. With a world full of worthy causes, I cannot keep track of all of the charities. Also, I value the opinion of my friends. Therefore, I have decided to combine these two: I’m asking my friends to suggest a charity and write a promotional text, after which I will donate to that charity and post the whole thing here, as Charity of the Month. A win/win/win situation I reckon.

We kick off with my good friend Steven Verhelst, famous for having an excellent blog, his own Wikipedia entry, and a receding hairline. Actually, I slightly cheated with this one – I remembered him mentioning Terre des Hommes on his blog once and now I simply reminded him. (More actually, of many of my friends I already have some idea of what charity they would like to “endorse” – but let me not get ahead of myself. )

First off then, is Steven’s featured charity:


I don’t like children. Even worse, I despise them. If they don’t blow their noses in your curtains or climb in them so the whole construction comes down from the ceiling, they’ll keep asking you for Coke or other caffeinated drinks. And because of their resulting hyperactivity you can’t understand a word of your favourite TV-program. The worst is: they won’t stop, you can’t send them on a sabbatical. Well, I guess that’s called boarding school.

With almost a hundred percent certainty I can say that I wouldn’t be a good father. And there should be more people who could say that about themselves.

The Dutch writer Henk Elsink once said: ‘There should be a licensing system for getting children and buying a stereo.’

At some places in the world, children won’t touch the curtains – simply because the dump they’re living on doesn’t have any. Or because they don’t have time and have to work in prostitution. Or because they are abused. Or because they are physically impaired, ignored.

There is no reason to exploit children, wherever on the planet they have been born. Children should go to school. Children should play. And I don’t mean with Playstations, but with Meccano, skipping ropes, each other.

That’s why I donate to Terre des Hommes. Doesn’t everybody deserve a childhood?

Steven Verhelst

(de Nederlandse versie van Steven’s promotie vind je onder de ‘fold’)

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