Small (6)

and large, too.

Things I learned or re-remembered:

  • That the Oort Cloud is so large (I read that but had forgotten) (won’t say how large, look it up)
  • That after Tera (1012) come Peta (1015), Exa (1018), # (1021) and # (1024) (won’t say which, look it up)
  • Not much happens in the small end of the Universe
  • Uranus is pronounced ‘YER uh niss’
  • Eyelids have the thinnest skin (won’t say how much, look it up)
  • LOL at water molecule (you gotta look that one up, too!)

And last but not least:

  • We’re probably not in the centre of the Universe :p

Small (5)

Oh cool, I had this as a simple picture and been wanting to post it for a long time, but in HDTV it is soooo much better! So without further ado, feel small at this, you measly earthworm (or alien intercepting the blog post whatever)!

Except, what do they mean at the end? Surely I am the centre of the universe, WTF!?