Psychics are useless

Just saw a newsitem on Maddie McCann, who is missing now for nearly five years (7 May 2007). OK, she’s not been found by the police, but in the absence of hard physical evidence, that is difficult, perhaps even impossible.

However, there is no single a priori reason I can think of why any psychic should not have been able to give some useful information on her whereabouts – or fate.

Has any? Asking the question is answering it. Of course they haven’t. Given the high profile of the case, I guess there have been numerous attempts by psychics to guess at where she can be found. Even by sheer numbers and random chance, statistically something should have popped up.

It hasn’t.

The reason is trivial: psychics have no psychic powers whatsoever. It’s all bullcrap. I’d love to hear from the General Assembly of Psychics as to the reason for this colossal failure, but I don’t assume much is forthcoming.

All the more surprising then, that so many people still believe in that shit. Wake up everyone, use your brain. Psychic powers are poor entertainment at best – and cynical fraud at worst.

Meanwhile, cases such as Maddie’s will only be shoved through hard work, luck, and down-to-earth forensic science – all very much part of the real world.