The end of an era?!

Sad news that only now got through to me:

Obama cuts NASA budget so much to allow for a reduction in the US deficit, that not just the manned Mars mission, but even the manned Moon mission are not going to happen for a while.

Sad but true :'(

Een erg goed geschreven achtergrondartikel in het Nederlands hier.

Meanwhile, just a thought… can’t ESA buy the developed Ares technology, that would otherwise just be gathering dust? (just don’t forget to convert to the metric system ;o) !)




obamaI was going to write something positive about Obama… but I guess there’s no need for that – the Americans themselves (and not only them) have gone completely bonkers. Over his inauguration for starters, and all the good he will do, somehow. Waving his hand to make the economy better? Give the Middle-East a stern talking to et voilà, peace?

Everything realistically or unrealistically positive has already been said.

So instead I’ll say something to balance this ludicracy. Yes, Obama will be a so much better president then ‘dubya’ but come ooon… this hype is just annoying. Many people will be sorely disappointed soon.

Oh well. Don’t say I didn’t warn them. Now go on and enjoy his presidency – in moderation.