Opinion | Opinie 23/03/2010

Seems to be good news week so far, but I won’t bore you with my happiness.

Instead, two vids that couldn’t be further apart. Starting with the serious, I normally don’t ‘do’ Greenpeace so much anymore – I disagree with their blanket refusal of genetically modifying anything, and feel similar about their attitude of plain old ‘no’ to nuclear energy.

But, now, they surely do have a point, and it’s worth supporting and getting out: Nestlé is responsible for the destruction of rainforest where orang-utans live. Nestlé should not be; we all should give Nestlé a little nudge to persuade them.

Here’s the campaign vid and you can sign the petition right there, too.

And then, something lighthearted:

And while I’m at it, more lighthearted vids below the fold. (Courtesy of my friend F.)

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