Oh that funny government we’re having

My opinion on the UK’s current government should be well-known (I think they’re crap, and that’s putting it mildly), but today sees a seldom-seen triple condemnation of various aspects of this government.

If three different newspapers including a right-leaning one can point out a wide variety of incompetence, surely there is some truth to the criticism?

First off, we have the Independent citing the Trades Union Congress, not a small organisation, who call this government’s not just bad for women (which was already pointed out before the elections, but then to the people who vote Tory this will probably have been an edorsement) but ‘the most female-unfriendly in living memory’. The newspaper article also cites Women Like Us with similar claims.

Then we have the Guardian, in its turn citing the Office for National Statistics in claiming that austerity measures have stripped away 271.000 jobs from the public sector. As above, this was predicted based on election programs and thereby seems to have actually encouraged the Tory voters, who generally don’t work for government or public sector anyway so hey, why don’t these lazy desk hippies get a real job or go home to take care of their kids instead.

And as has been said time and again, as women are overrepresented in this workforce, they have been hit by far the hardest. The article says:

With women disproportionately represented among the public sector workforce, the Fawcett Society calculated that more than 80% of the increase in unemployment in the latest quarter came among female workers.

Nice job there, men of the Tory party.

And finally from an unsuspecting corner, the normally quite right-oriented Telegraph, a scathing smackdown of a plan floated by our beloved councellor to issue 100-year gilt bonds. Even if the details are beyond you, the why it will not work is pretty clear from this piece.