Sony Alpha 700

Where’s the big review?!

This is my main ‘piece of kit’. The body, the works, the real deal. And I think it is absolutely awesome, too. I love it to bits, haven’t regretted a single second of having bought it, and I wouldn’t hesitate even a micronanosecond if I had to buy a DSLR again – this one.

So one might expect me to write a great big glowing review about the Alpha 700, telling the world what a supadupa camera it is.

Well… I actually think that I won’t. I don’t expect the people who read this to be interested in buying a >£500,- camera, and less so based on my review. They might however be interested in camera’s in general, in photography, and so I expect them to already have a camera (a DSLR). So I think my energy is better spent reviewing what useful lenses I have got, and ‘explaining’ (like I am a pro, haha) what’s so good about them. Well all ‘IMHO’ of course.

And here I will just say some things about this camera* that set it apart from the rest. There is no single ‘the’ rest, of course – there are always camera’s that can do what the α700 can do – but none can do all.

*but not now…