New photo: Still life without customers


Still life without customers

Still life without customers

Not from the archives but freshly pressed – taken just this weekend on the first outing of my new second hand Sigma 24mm (f/2.8 “Ultra Wide”). Nifty little lens although of course this photo doesn’t really show anything that it can do.

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Photos from the archives: wedding bouquet


Actually the bridesmaid's bouquet but hey...

Actually the bridesmaid’s bouquet but hey…

I don’t normally do weddings (I don’t like people, and I prefer to use my hands for drinking), but this is from one where my girlfriend was the bridesmaid.

This is actually her bouquet, not that of the bride. Quite neat and “to-the-point” I think, with the glass adding a subtle festive touch. I quite like it.

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Mystery object off coast of Sussex

I tried Googling this and looking at the Marine Traffic website, but this tower is a mystery.

Does anybody have more info on what it is? It’s visible from Brighton direction roughly 240 degrees southwest. Distance is difficult to estimate but over 50 kilometers at least. Anybody?

Mystery tower, roughly 240 degrees southwest from Brighton.


Hello, goodbye

I was one of the million+ people that downloaded Instagram when it became available for Android. I wasn’t even to fussed but some of my friends raved about it.

Then,  before I had even used it once, it was bought by you-know-who for you-know-how-much.
And I happen to totally not trust Facebook with regards to privacy and copyright, no matter what they promise about independence and bla.

So, alas Instagram…bye-bye. You have been uninstalled.

I’ll stick to Pixlr-O-Matic – until I find out about their terms and conditions…

Jupiter + Venus… + the Moon!

Ah yes, another good night for stargazing and astrophotography. Slightly hazy, often actually helps as it means the atmosphere is calm.

Without further ado I present my trophy pictures for the night. The first is of the lovely triangle formed by Venus (top), Jupiter (bottom left) and the Moon.

(click to full size)

Unfortunately because Venus is so far up, this is zoomed-out far enough that the moons of Jupiter are not visible. Still a really nice shot, I think, especially getting all three objects within the dynamic range of a single exposure.

Zooming then – and helpfully using auto-focus on the moon, often a good trick when the moon is up – got this image off of the Moon and Jupiter being nice and close. Again this is from a single exposure, I like seeing the disk of the moon, I also like that this image displays objects so disparate in brightness as two of Jupiter’s Galilean moons and the moon, whilst retaining details (craters on the day/night border) on the moon. This would be my favourite shot of this night, despite Venus not being in it.

(click to full size)

For those too lazy to zoom in fully, here’s tonight’s close-up of Jupiter, this time only two moons visible, grmpf, lol two moons are easily visible below Jupiter: Ganymede closest and Callisto further out, and as I was informed by Stellarium, the two tiny tiny specks just top left of Jupiter (!) are, in fact, the other two moons, Europa just a little to the left of Io. Intat amayzing? I think so!

I’ve got a set of around 40-odd photos, some may be good for stacking and making into a composite, ‘astro-HDR’-like image. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that tonight. Also, tomorrow the moon should be close to Venus, so I’ll have another go at getting some nice shots – although Venus isn’t as interesting as Jupiter, having no moons and all that. But I will have a go at the remaining photos, watch this space! Until then, enjoy these :).