Photos from the archives: Essential Holland


Windmill at Keukenhof. About at clichéd as one can get. Still a nice photo :p.

Windmill at Keukenhof. About at clichéd as one can get. Still a nice photo :p.

Not much to say about this one – it is what it is. The crop isn’t great, due to the fact I had to take this from down low with my A700, which didn’t have a tilt/flip screen. But, you can’t knock the essence of Holland!

As with the cathedral, there will probably be a few more pictures like this coming up later…

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Photos from the archives: Galway cathedral


Galway Cathedral - dome and crossing

Galway Cathedral – dome and crossing

There should be plenty more churches coming – for a nonreligious person I have a strange interest in them! Galway cathedral is an odd one out, being so new – my main interests are with gothic and baroque, but it’s clearly inspired by the past.

I also take plenty of this type of upward shot of church ceilings, although again mostly more ‘regularly’, that is, from the centre of the nave or even the crossing for geometric effect. With the very wide angle this tilt adds dynamic though.

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To smile or not to smile

You sometimes hear good advice of the type “people should smile more; it will make the world a better place”.

Call me a grump, but I disagree – I think it’s putting the cart before the horse.

How about this advice instead: “the world should be a better place; it will make people smile more”.

So if I don’t smile very often, it is because this world still needs a lot of work.

Photos from the archives: wedding bouquet


Actually the bridesmaid's bouquet but hey...

Actually the bridesmaid’s bouquet but hey…

I don’t normally do weddings (I don’t like people, and I prefer to use my hands for drinking), but this is from one where my girlfriend was the bridesmaid.

This is actually her bouquet, not that of the bride. Quite neat and “to-the-point” I think, with the glass adding a subtle festive touch. I quite like it.

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