In the Netherlands, I played loads and loads of boardgames. For a long time we played every Wednesday evening. Every! Those were the days :-)!

Upon moving to England I found that the English mostly weren’t interested at all in sitting at someone’s place looking at a piece of cardboard with coloured bits of plastic or wood on it. They preferred to down a few pints of lager in the pub then stagger off back home. For this and some personal reasons, boardgames layed low for a few years.

Now however thanks to mostly (but not exclusively!) foreigners, boardgames are popular again – even becoming something of a ‘buzz’, would you believe it?

People are usually amazed to see the amount of games scattered around my flat. If they haven’t seen them they are stunned to hear the number (still increasing steadily) of games I have – currently 45 –  not bad aye :-)? For the non-initiated it also comes as a surprise not to see titles such as Monopoly, Risk, Yahtzee, Rummikub, and other ‘classics’ of board gaming. That’s because I – and with me the whole ‘modern’ board game movement – don’t see these as classics but rather as ‘relics’ – offence intended. These old games have problems with things called ‘balance’, playing time et cetera, that I hope I can explain later, elsewhere.

For now, this is the list, to which I will hope to add descriptions, reviews and other impressions (each game in time will get his/her own page).


• Acquire
• Atta Ants
• Ave Caesar
• Big City
• Blokus
• Can’t Stop!
• Carcassonne
• Carolvs Magnvs
• De Vorsten van Florence (Princes of Florence/Fürsten von Florenz)
• Eufraat & Tigris
• Formula Dé
• Genius
• Giganten
• Heersers der Woestijn (Through the Desert/Durch die Wüste)
• Hekla
• Hick Hack in Gackelwack
• Java
• Kardinal & König
• Match of the Season
• Medina
• Pirate’s Cove
NEW! Power Grid (Funkenschlag)
• Pueblo
NEW! Puerto Rico
• San Marco
• Tadsch Mahal
• Tikal
• Torres
• Ursuppe/Primordial Soup

Specifically two-player

• Abalone
• Battle Cry
• Chess
• Dvonn
• Gipf
• Go
• Pünct
• Subulata
• Yinsh
• Zertz


• Boonanza
• Café International
• Olé!
• Razzia

Specifically two-player

• Lost Cities
• Zeus en Hera


• Carcassonne: de Rivier
• Carcassonne: Koning en Verkenner
• Gipf project: set 1