Marrakech 2 – Doorways

The second set of photos I got completed is a mini-series of doorways (braodly speaking, as you will see). They’re just really nice in Marrakech, for some reason (one being the Islamic architecture – note the fancy doorways are all the round arch ones), so I ended up with a small photo project during my trip.

I think they make a nice and varied set all in all – hope you’ll enjoy :).

Most pictures have gone through the usual small amount of cropping, increasing contrast, and such. Nothing too drastic, perhaps the increased saturation on the blue & yellow doors is the biggest change.

While some would not stand up to close scrutiny due to misfocusing or blurring (most notably the door of our riad and the wonky door, due to both being taken with the kit lens at ISO 3200), the door at Ben Youssef is hypersharp – this is a merge of two 90mm macro lens shots at f/6.3 and could not be any sharper :).

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