Marrakech 1 – Jardin Majorelle

Yes! Back from Marrakech – first time in Morocco, Africa, and an Arabic country! And it was goooood…

I could write loads about what I thought but actually I can’t really be arsed so instead I’ll just post small batches of photos. Apologies in advance: Marrakech is known for its souks, artists on the Jamaa El Fna and colourful characters in general but after a day or so I realised I am too shy to bother with proper street photography. I just can’t face the prospect of having to extricate myself from the hassling of anybody who’s stall/donkey cart/snake I just photographed. I have a few sneaky shots but my camera wasn’t particularly good at them – 90% came out blurred from either movement or misfocussing (usually both :( ) . I might include them at some point but they’re not going to feature very prominently.

However – I do have a fair share of sharp photos of “other stuff” so I’ll stick them in a couple at a time, with background of some sorts.

The first set that is moderately coherent is that of Jardin Majorelle (and something with Yves St Laurent). Quite hyped in its flyer blurb in the end it’s not the most mystical transcendent garden in the world – it’s instead a neat little garden, tucked away in some arse end of the new town.

Technically there’s not that much to say about these photos. Only the wall one was taken with the kit zoom at 16mm, the other 8 with the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro. As it was blaring mid-day, light was not much of an issue.

The “explosion” is blurred (1/40s) because I pumped up the aperture to 10 and somehow the auto-ISO kept it at 100.

The foot cactus and the flower are aperture 9 to ensure enough of the picture was in focus. Taken in mid-day light this still means 1/160s or shorter and ISO 100.

The other photos were all taken at f/4.5 or 5, with ISO varying between 100 and 200, and all but the fountain shot around 1/200s (the fountain came out a bit dark due to 1/500s, and was RAW-ajdusted because of this). Rather straighforward really.

What is interesting is that all focusing with the Macro was done manually (as the AF doesn’t work on the NEX-6) using highlighting and MF enlarging (look that up on NEX-6 reviews if it doesn’t make sense). I anyway start to prefer this over AF as it allows to to precisely locate the focus point, instead of being stuck with a randomly chosen AF point.

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