Photos from the archives: Galway cathedral

Galway Cathedral - dome and crossing

Galway Cathedral – dome and crossing

There should be plenty more churches coming – for a nonreligious person I have a strange interest in them! Galway cathedral is an odd one out, being so new – my main interests are with gothic and baroque, but it’s clearly inspired by the past.

I also take plenty of this type of upward shot of church ceilings, although again mostly more ‘regularly’, that is, from the centre of the nave or even the crossing for geometric effect. With the very wide angle this tilt adds dynamic though.

Technically the main point of interest is the focal length – 16mm (24mm equivalent in full frame), taken with my ‘standard’ lens, the 16-80mm CZ, a very good all-rounder. Stopped down ever so slightly (from 3.5 to 4.5) to add a touch of sharpness, ISO 800 – which is the highest I dared to go with my A700 before noise would start to become visible, and 1/6th of a second is easy to do with the stabilisation in the body. This was pretty much a ‘regulation shot’ with that body and lens indoors.

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