Photos from the archives: wedding bouquet

Actually the bridesmaid's bouquet but hey...

Actually the bridesmaid’s bouquet but hey…

I don’t normally do weddings (I don’t like people, and I prefer to use my hands for drinking), but this is from one where my girlfriend was the bridesmaid.

This is actually her bouquet, not that of the bride. Quite neat and “to-the-point” I think, with the glass adding a subtle festive touch. I quite like it.

Still taken with my previous SLR, the A700, this features the brilliantly simple but simply brilliant Sony 35mm f1.8 lens. Just a touch of opening to get more of the bouquet in focus: f 4.0, 1/250s, ISO 200. RAW processing added saturation to bring out the colours, and normal adjustments to contrast and brightness were made.


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