Dear BBC iPlayer,

Why is it that every time – EVERY TIME, without fail – that I download something from your website, it is necessary to do “an essential update to Adobe AIR”. Usually from version to or suchlike.


Do you realise how annoying that is? Does the person who is responsible ever even use the iPlayer? If it really is necessary to update so often, does that not mean the whole thing stinks to begin with? I surely can’t see any difference in speed or reliability – except it takes five minutes to download a program instead of ten seconds. Oh and the program usually crashes or freezes during the update. And then forgets what it was I was downloading. Yeah, that’s improvement. Not.

So please: stop sucking ass bigtime and fix it properly,

Yours truly,


9 thoughts on “Dear BBC iPlayer,

  1. Agree COMPLETELY. I don’t even attempt to use iPlayer anymore…total crap.

  2. Dear bbc arse holes.
    Stop taking peoples money as your services are as shit now as they were in the 70’s. The one single thing that the bbc does well over other broadcasting companies is that they have no adverts, that’s it . Absolutely everything else from radio 1’s nick Nancy grimshaw, iplayer, bbc lies/news are as dull as telly broadcasting can be. please fuck off you dogmatic thievs.

  3. Too true. Worst software I have seen in ages. I can guess where it was written, and which company they outsourced it to…

  4. Ha good one Lee. Couldn’t have said it better. Iplayer exposes them for the out of touch money grubbing cunts they are.

  5. Don’t even get me started on nick “I’m so cool” grimmy Grimshaw and the other turds which float around the radio 1 toilet bowl. Could that level of broadcasting possibly be any more juvenile and low brow. This government wonders why our culture is in the toilet. They could do worse than take a good look at dog shit like Eastenders (ditunt I) and radio 1’s (let’s promote empty shit music) culture proveyors of retarded shit that they are. Iplayer is a extension of that.

  6. as soon as the BBC is privatised and sold off the better. service especially the Iplayer is total Rubbish.

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