Brighton to Boston

Not much news so far, we’re im Boston and the weather is warm while the city promises to be really nice!

Bus to Heathrow was no problem, quite smooth. Entertainment was provided by a middle aged woman who was on her mobile, excitedly proclaiming she had “met with an ex boyfriend”, was glad that “all her body parts still worked” and that she’d “had more fun than in a long time”.

Heathrow was meh, too many high end shops and not a very big terminal (3), but at least we got through everything quickly.

Some delay before takeoff, flight was ok, Virgin are not too bad, although the food was so-so, at least the in flight entertainment is good. Main problem was that we were sat in the creche with like four families with crying children…who went on and on and on…good thing we had earphones :-(.

And then, now: Boston! Looks typical ‘bostonian’ (technically we’re in the city next door, Cambridge), and the house we’re staying in is huge but cute, with a top roof porch. Weather promises to be boringly good, so we’re out for some exploring.

Back later…


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