Why same-sex marriage should be a non-issue

What better day than Valentine’s Day to vent my unequivocal support for gay (same-sex) marriage!?

Why? Here’s why!

Fortunately, I can be very brief about this. The only real ‘argument’ that always transpires against legalising same-sex marriage comes down to one form or another of ‘marriage is god’s institution’.Since marriage isn’t, same-sex marriage should simply be legal.

If you peer back through mankind’s early history, you can see that marriage originally was most likely introduced by our early ancestors to facilitate social life in a small tribe: fewer fights over women (basically, shagging rights), as marriage made it clear ‘who did it with whom’. I presume this also made it easier, at least in theory, to know which child belonged to which male. The net result is a more stable, happier tribe. As these early tribes lived a violent life it was important that babies were produced, else you were outcompeted (outnumbered) by the neighbouring tribes, so in these days, gay marriage was not very high on the agenda – in fact, homosexuality could be positively bad for the tribe.

Later this set of attitudes was institutionalised, as many other mores, like ‘thou shalt not kill’, and appropriated by organised religion under the umbrella ‘it’s actually god who wants this’. Very convenient for the ruling class – priests and kings – as this gave them the power to speak on behalf of their, self-invented, god.

The simple conclusion

Fast forward to the here and now and it is clear to me that there is no valid argument against same-sex marriage. Marriage is not bestowed unto mankind by god, nor does a marriage – on this overpopulated planet we inhabit – necessarily have to result in offspring being produced. Rather not, I would say.

Marriage is simply two people who love each other and want legal and official recognition of this fact – with the financial perks and legal bonuses that come with it. As I see it, there is no lawful way to discriminate against gay people by disallowing them marriage whilst giving clear and tangible advantages to married opposite-sex couples. This is fundamentally against any and every constitution, which tend to prohibit discrimination based on sexuality.

It might take a while for everybody to realise this, but in the end, common sense will prevail – see for instance this hopeful poll result.


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