the Hermitage, revisited

As I said, the first post, written from a youth hostel in Moscow after less than 6 hours of sleep on a half-assed computer, did not do justice to our time in St P. I therefore promised (did I really?) to write a bit more later.

I also realised that I have a lot of photos that fit neatly into little themes in sets of between say 5 and 25 photos. To break the routine of ‘next day, next day, morning, next day, afternoon’ writing I will put up these little sets in between the chronological diary that I’m putting up.

As you guessed, this is the first instalment. There’s not much writing to do for this one. The Hermitage was an amazing building – I said that, I guess – and one of the things I took quite a few photos of while inside were the chandeliers. So I thought I’d put together a little set of chandelier photos.

(Remember you can click on the photos in the gallery to see the large image!)


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