Paris Paris!

Argh, too busy these days. Good busy though, so I’m not complaining.

Paris aye?

As some of you may know, I was in Paris with a few friends the last weekend. And I drove them up the walls by taking photos, photos, and yet more photos. Over 800 in total, and if you do some fancy maths to subtract bracketed exposure it’s still a respectable 680+.

Show us Marcel!

Forget it :p. Been too busy. I did have a chance to do some quick highlights though, and although these don’t do the trip – or Paris – any real justice, these photos are good enough that I dare show them to you.

(non-photo nerds can skip this paragraph) I had three lenses with me in Paris, two of which saw ample use.

As my main lens, this time I decided again on the trusty Tamron 24-135mm, because of its greater reach than the CZ16-80mm, and also because I was bringing my Sigma 10-20, with which it then wouldn’t overlap. I know the Tamron is great in bright sunny weather – which is what we got – and I also know to keep it away from direct light into the lens – which I managed to avoid almost always.

As mentioned, I also brought the Sigma 10-20mm, because an ultra-wide works wonders in cities AND because it’s just great fun to work with; and it didn’t disappoint.

Finally my 50mm didn’t see much use because it’s too short to get details, too long inside a cramped city, and we never were out in the dark really to use its wide aperture.

Stop blathering about your lenses and SHOW US the photos!

Alright OK… here’s the slideshow then!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(let’s just see if I can squeeze in the gallery too… so that those of you who want to see the photos in detail can click on them)


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