Escapism? Photos of sunny Brighton

With so much to write about (Israel, a rampant gunman in the UK, oil in the Gulf of Mexico, elections coming up in The Netherlands, and a World Football Championship on the way, as well as my new job), why not not write about all that?

But instead get that ancient photo of the West Pier out of the way and blog some new photos…?

…yeah that sounds good to me.

I finally got round to shooting a few more ‘typical’ photos on the Palace Pier today. I’m still not great at people-in-masses, but it’s an improvement over all I had. Actually I haven’t put any of my ‘people pictures’ in the gallery below because, well, I still don’t like them much (both the people and the photos of them :p).

As you can see it’s a series made with my übercool ultra-wide angle lens, the Sigma 10-20 mm. Unbeatable in weather like this – look at the deep blue of the sky and the colours of the sea – woo hoo!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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