New job

To save me writing the same thing over and over again in numerous emails, thought I just use my blog… well, usefully. By a virtual Q&A with myself about the job I got.

Lets start with the obvious questions…

What job is it?

Dutch-speaking customer service, mainly phone-based, for the Dutch customers of American Express.

Where will you be working?

In the well-known American Express building in Kemptown.

So you will be around!?

Yes, I will :-)! Great to have found a job at walking distance from where I live.

Is it full-time, permanent?

It’s full-time. I heard something about a rota, no idea yet what that means. The hours will be quite funny, because they’re following the Dutch 9AM-5PM office hours, so 8AM to 4PM. Early finish!

And it’s 6 months for starters but apparently it’s quite sure that if they like me and I like the job, it’ll become permanent.

When are you starting then?

A week away on Monday, that’s the 7th of June I think.

Update: They’ve asked me to start a couple of days earlier so it’ll now be Thu, 3rd of June

Update: They couldn’t find people to train me so it’s postponed again to next week Wed the 9th.

So this is your new career?

Well, to be honest it’s at this moment not something I see myself doing for the next decade. On the other hand this is clearly a much more interesting job (and with much better pay) than the ‘any old office job’ that I was also looking (and applying) for, and from which I would be looking to escape again ASAP. If I like this I can do it for a while, which is perfect. The “while” I’m thinking of would be at least a year and a half, for reasons some of you will understand.

You mention pay, is that good then?

Not bad, it’s obviously no postdoc salary but it’s looking like I’ll not be losing money per month and possibly even a little better than that. But since it’s also fewer hours, the hourly wage isn’t that different ;-).

And without wanting to sound bitter, but coming from science it’s just a relief to hear say “Oh yeah working on a bank holiday is quite popular amongst the foreigners, because you get two days of holiday back for it.”

That does sound bitter though. Anything else you want to say?

No – you can always ask me more details in person, and I don’t want this post to become too long ;-).


2 thoughts on “New job

  1. Hey! You should have mentioned this to me on Hattrick dude. :)

    Anyway, congratulations. :) Customer service work isn’t that bad really, I can tell…As long as you have nice colleagues and a good working atmosphere it is bearable. Of course I can imagine your long-term ambitions lie elsewhere but at least you can always show on your curriculum vitae that you’re willing to work and are flexible.

    Good luck. :)

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