Artist Open House 2010: oh yes, er, my stuff

Vanity, my favourite sin?

Despite common perception, I am not very vain. OK OK I am, but I do find it difficult to promote myself (I’ll get over this, I’m sure). In some ways, this is therefore the most difficult blog post I’ve written. But, I convince myself, there is a charity to support (the already oft-mentioned Survivors’ Network)– so here goes, something about my own photos on display at this year’s Artist Open House in the Acupuncture Clinic.

Simple stuff

A couple of photos are straightforward and are not unlike the ones shown below – but showing them as they are would be giving it away… so I don’t. They’re not a million miles away from these is all I will say ;-).

This, but different

See this lone bather take to the sea...

A flock of starlings... but not this one


Then I’ve got two panels – and I’m actually quite happy about them.

One is made up of two fairly straightforward flower shots, but with enough of a twist (I think) to make them more interesting.

The other panel is part of a bigger project that revolves around the West Pier… they’re really just a lot of photos of the West Pier :-), but all together they make quite a nice ‘documentary’ of the effect that humans and nature have had, and are still having, on the slowly dilapidating pier, and of how the pier currently sits in its surroundings. Before this all sounds like I’ve gone all arty-farty, let me say that these are, in the end, still just what I think are cool photos :-). I’ve not gone soft or anything, good heavens, no!

Purple / untitled


'Old & New Signs'

'The Tube'


Everything I’ve got on display (except obviously a large canvas print) is home-printed. I enjoy the control and the short turnover time this gives.

And to top it off, my friend Y is showing a couple of excellent smoke shots in spectacular metallic prints, as well as some less abstract landscapes-with-a-twist. I’ve already mentioned the hand-made jewellery by ika, and then there are all the other local artists and everything else I mentioned in my invitation.

All in all well worth a visit! Please do come along this Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Artist Open House 2010: oh yes, er, my stuff

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  2. nice pics mars.. :) ill look forward to seeing the “chosen ones”!

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