Artists Open House 2010: official invite

Well, it’s the flyer, not a real invite, but still. Apart from me asking everyone to come this is as close as you’re going to get to an official invitation.

I think by now I’ve said everything but I’ll reiterate:

  • It’s Yari, Iki & Karin, and me, exhibiting some of our work along with several other local artists. Apart from photography and handcrafted jewellery this includes
  • There will also be musical entertainment and (should you bring little people) storytelling, as per the schedule below (flyer or image)
  • For the inner you there are hand-made cakes and tea, as well as Pimms and strawberries!
  • 20% of proceedings go to the local charity Survivors’ Network.
  • The organisers are asking for a small voluntary donation at the door. Even though this doesn’t need to be much, you are free to ignore it (it’s an Open House after all, not a museum or gallery).
  • The venue is on Portland Road, Hove near some big church; a bus stop for at least the 46 and 49 is directly in front of the Acupuncture Clinic. I mentioned Aldrington and Hove stations before.

And one final thing, should you see something in the posts about ika’s or my stuff (upcoming) that you like, feel free to contact me about it and I can probably reserve it for you.

AOH 2010 Acupuncture Clinic (in7) (PDF 3MB)

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