Artists Open House 2010: ika jewellery

As I said, in the upcoming AOH it’s not just Yari and me exhibiting but also our beloved Iki with her sister. They’ve chosen the moniker IKEA (Iki and Karin Expressionist Art)… no just kidding, ika it is which does mean iki n karin art.

ika says:

All our jewellery is ‘handmade with love’; every piece is unique. Everything is nickel free and free from animal products – we use synthetic beads and fake leather etc. It is advised not to wear the jewellery in the shower.

So ladies, please come and have a look (and guys, have a look for your present or future better half, too ;) ). It’s all priced very reasonably but instead of supporting a high-street chain you’ll be supporting a good cause: the Survivor’s Network as well as two friendly amateur craftswomen!

I tried to do their work justice by photographing them in an unusual light… so I’m not giving away everything by posting these images of the amazing jewellery they’re exhibiting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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