Totally Awesome New Look

Wow… I really like this new ‘theme’ by WordPress. Slight nag with the way it seems unable to change text colour in the side bars when I take a dark background (which is even cooler than this one).

Think I’m gonna stick with this for a while now. Lots to play with here!

As a photographer I of course LOVE the option of putting a nice big photo at the top… this one happens to be one that aforementioned Iki sent to me. It was just screaming for a little bit of Photoshop treatment. Iki, I hope you like it, and hereby I’m giving you photo credit.
(Clearly my own photos are not good enough to feature on my blog, so I’m relying on others :S.)

Ja dus dit is een nieuw thema van WordPress en ik moet zeggen… erg onder de indruk. Wat gezeik met de ‘donkere’ variant, maar dat zoek ik nog wel uit. Donker is nog mooier dan deze lichte versie.

Voorlopig is dit mijn thema, veel meer aanpasbaar dan de vorige :-).


One thought on “Totally Awesome New Look

  1. i prefer the photo ‘your way’, so i think we can have equal credit \o/

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