UK elections, interesting (?) publicity

Ze newzpapez – election publicity

This might tell you a lot (that admittedly was known, but still) about (1) who’s hot and who’s not, (2) who’s doing well in the polls, and (3) where newspaper sympathies lie.

1) The Gruaniad has an exclusive piece by Nick Clegg

2) The Times has an exclusive interview with David Cameron

3) The Sun and News of the World are ganging up on Clegg and the LibDems and Brown and Labour, whilst strongly supporting the Tories (I’d say that alone is enough reason for an intelligent person to think of not voting Tories but deciding between Labour and LibDems)

(of course it is a coincidence that these latter totally independent *cough* newspapers are owned by Rupert Murdoch – after 82 businessmen, Sir Michael Caine and Gary Barlow yet another rich white man who supports the Tories)

4) The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express do ‘like point 3’

5) Nobody has anything positive about Labour or Gordon Brown

Ah, nothing like stereotypes to be confirmed.

edit: apparently on Twitter there’s a ‘counterstrike’ today that I will join shortly


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