Easter weekend, part 2

On Easter Sunday we went to see the Avebury ring, which is a structure similar to Stonehenge except that it’s completely different – it’s hundreds of meters across instead of just a few dozen; the stones are far more randomly shaped and sized; there are just single upright standing stones, no ‘bridges’; there’s a village built, well, through it; and you can walk right around the stones and even hug them.

Apart from that, both Stonehenge and Avebury are circular setups of large stones. It’s difficult to pick a favourite, because they are so different… so I won’t.

Then we drove on to Bath, lovely as before, pity all shops were closed, but at least it was sunny. We eventually skipped the Roman Baths (we thought it might not be worth the entry fee) but did visit the Gothic Abbey, where I did my usual schtick of taking loads of the same photos I’ve taken in most of the other Gothic churches I’ve visited (the oblique stained glass window, the tower, the facade, and my latest trick: the ceiling).

All in all a very rewarding day, and here are the impressions:

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