Chiropractic Awareness Week (& Simon Singh)

It’s World Wide Quack Week apparently.

In a delicious twist of irony, the British Chiropractic Association has dropped their libel case against Simon Singh during this week. Undoubtedly with raising the awareness of chiropractic in mind. Well, over the last few years they have raised the awareness that at least the BCA (not sure about its members) are incompetent, vengeful, ill-judged, narrow-minded, and have no regard for the best (financial) interests of their members.

Thank you for that, BCA!

There’s little I can (or feel the need to) add to what’s been written in the newspapers or in the blogosphere, apart from: congratulations to Simon, and here’s hoping that he can recover his costs from that crazy organisation that is the BCA. May they suffer long, deep and hard.

Oh by the way, the sane part of the world is still waiting for the BCA to provide the evidence that what Simon originally called ‘bogus’ (‘[BCA] claims that their members can help treat children with colic, sleeping and feeding problems, frequent ear infections, asthma and prolonged crying‘) actually does work.

Couldn’t the BCA have spent these few hundred thousand pounds in providing that evidence, followed by spending a quid for a stamp to send the evidence to a scientific journal?

Oh wait, yes, that was indeed a rhetorical question, pardon me.


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