Happiness is…

… half an hour to spare and a macro lens to play with!

Inspired by a great book from the library about macro photography I spent a little time taking photos in my house. That will be the only hint for you to guess what these photos are of (some are easy – some are not :)!).

A 100% crop of the original image - I can wax lyrical about the sharpness of this lens :)!

Quite a difficult one to start with, maybe the next one will help:

And another 100% crop.

Then an easier one, first the 100% crop:

100% crop again... oh the detail *melts*

And I like the composition of the original (scaled down to 1600 pixels so might not quite have the detail):


The final image is back to difficult, have a crack at this:

Alien landscape? Barnstone?

And the bonus image – I flicked a few random switches in Photoshop for this one… just because I can!

Distorted connection

I took all these photos of stuff found within half a meter from each other in my front room, in just over half an hour.

Ah… macro photography, love it :D!


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