Back with a vengeance: opinions! / Part 1: the UK elections

OK there’s just so much happening in the world to opine about, I can’t not blog about it.

First off… oh fuck, most things are happening in The Netherlands instead of the world, so I’ll have to blog in Dutch. Tough.

The UK election – the Tories

As I’ve also Tweeted, the fact that 80-something businessmen and Sir Michael Caine – in other words, lots of old, rich, white men – support the Conservatives, should be ample signs for anybody with a normal job that this party might not be the best for them.

If their plans are so good for everyone, why isn’t the National Organisation for Immigrant Single Mothers on a Part-time Job (I’m just making that one up, OK?) supporting the Tories? Exactly – because the Tories’ plans aren’t good for everybody. I’d daresay they aren’t good for most people, but as usual, the average voter is stupid enough to be deluded by politicians – those same politicians that the average voter then complains about being deluded by. Ad infinitum. Sigh.

Pardon me the tangent, but this seems like the right time and place to gratuitously sneak in my Quote of the Week (Month?):

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe – Albert Einstein

I personally do not understand the whole kerfuffle about apparently a 1% tax increase. That seems reasonable enough; it will generate more tax income whilst hardly hampering the recovery of the economy. The tax income can be used to diminish the huge national debt, or to spend on useful stuff like the NHS or teaching or the police – or science.

The UK election – Science

Which brings me to my other point: according to a large number of scientists, the Tories have (not surprisingly) no effing clue about science. No plans, no ideas, nothing.

I suspect that, with their promise to cut a further £12bn from government spending, and backed by businessmen (when have businessmen showed an interest in science, after all?), that at least some of these cuts will be made in science, technology, and public education. All things you don’t need when you’re conservative and rich.

So I’d say, do vote in the upcoming elections, but please – not for the Conservatives.

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