Catching up

Been so busy, I didn’t even have time to write that I was busy.

Job applications, girlfriend, photography and an Easter weekend took enough time to prevent me writing anything. Not that I didn’t have anything to write about – the world didn’t care much and just went on turning in my absence. Disgraceful.

I’ll try to quickly blast off a few opinions in a token – and doomed-to-fail – attempt at preserving my opinion a day posting. Now, lets’ see how many I need since Mon 29th…

Tue 30th Mar

Actually was important enough that I’ll write a longer specific entry about it later. Well not about the day, but about the meeting that day regarding the Artists Open House as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival in May. Something with photography and supporting a local charity, the Survivors Network.

Wed 31st Mar

Spent time looking for jobs and applying. Takes ages but is quite rewarding once you’re into it. Not much to opine about. Earlier I had been quite amused by what I found on one website, putting down my search criteria as ‘temporary’ and ‘part-time’. First it suggested I do ‘male escorts’, and while I was pondering that career move I scrolled down to find ‘adult movie extras’ as a further suggestion. Hmm, now how would I explain that to miss girlfriend…

Thu 1 Apr

Totally missed April Fools’ Day in favour of visiting the exhibition about van Gogh and his letters in the Royal Academy of Arts, with friends, one of whom was celebrating her birthday. Hurray! Spent a long time in a queue, to find another queue waiting around the corner, to almost find another one round another corner. Eventually made it inside – by that time with frozen legs – after an hour and forty-five.

The exhibition was wonderful with loads of paintings and all the additional information from his letters. A bit long though, after five of the seven rooms, each with like two dozen paintings, my mind was full and I needed a coffee – an opinion most of the others shared with me.

Anyway the rest of the day is of little interest to anyone who wasn’t there; I do must express my gratitude to my friends who were kind enough to insist on going to a restaurant that would properly cater for vegetarians (they even considered going to the vegan double-decker bus we found, the sweethearts!). In the end the Va Bene restaurant was marvellous, two of my (non-veggie) friends did take a veggie meal – bless them, again – and we all left back to Brighton satisfied.

Fri 2nd Apr

More applying for jobs, and seriously starting to look forward to the Easter weekend!

My opinions today were mostly concerned with various job searching websites where I was trying to change my CV or other details I had put in before; turns out that for many of these websites that is not so simple as ‘replace old CV with new CV’ but involves me having to re-input entire reams of information that I had already given last time… so I got seriously annoyed :( and my latent (or not-so-latent) De La Tourette syndrome reared its ugly head, much to the amusement of my girlfriend who was providing mental support from the other end of a Skype chat.

Anyway, the weekend was a million miles away from that… more catching-up opinions later!


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