Opinion | Opinie 29/03/2010

I SOOO agree with what James Lovelock has to say, it’s remarkable:

Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change

Read it! It’s true, and I’ve been thinking and saying this for a while (as like, HERE, if you think I’m boasting). I don’t often quote myself but I said it that (lengthy) post:

[I]t is becoming clear that we, as a species, will not be able to stop climate change. So I’m seriously considering becoming a cynic and put my money where my mouth is: into companies and government agencies that don’t try to stop climate change, but with coping with the effects.

Also funny to see him say something about democracy – because one of a few things I do quote of myself fairly often (OK OK I’m vain, so what :P?) is

Given the average intelligence of voters, it is questionable that democracy is the best regime.

(‘Gezien de intelligentie en de kennis van de gemiddelde mens is het maar zeer de vraag
of een totale democratie de beste staatsvorm is.’)


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