Opinion | Opinie 28/03/2010

Tim Minchin (thank you CC)

Three of many many things I like about my girlfriend are: (1) she’s got a great sense of humour, (2), she’s got a similar sense of humour to mine – now that didn’t come as a surprise after (1), did it :o) ? – and (3) she uses (1) and (2) to introduce me to loads of funny stuff I never knew before. That’s why I posted a YouTube clip of Dara O’Briain not too long ago, for instance. Yes, know him via her.

My latest found gem is Tim Minchin. Atheist, skeptic and funny, he’s just like me, so how can I not like him?!

Instead of trying to describe him, you’re better off just going straight to some of his clips (and if you’re desperate to read about him, go to his Wikipedia page or something.

First clip includes more homeopathy-bashing – always good – and some more spanking of various insanity.

He’s not always socially critical, as in this hilarious glorification of, well, see and hear for yourself:

And this is the most shocking – well it is if you are, roughly as he put it, a member of one of the major monotheistic Abrahamic religions. In which case I suggest that you do not watch this clip:


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