Opinion | Opinie 21/03/2010

What, another day without an opinion!?

Yes, again because of time restraints. Maye this daily blogging is too much to ask for? Nah…!

To compensate, a host of small opinions originating yesterday – and to prevent the quote of the week/month/season falling below the fold I’ll give that right here, right now.

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


Even though PSV is messing up in the Dutch premier league, my very own virtual football team has (finally) become the champions in their league. And unless something very strange happens, it will be promoting to the fourth level as well. Hurray!


is in the air, finally. Although it is still more spring on the calendar than anywhere else – it’s still not very springy, weather-wise.


Ireland lost to Scotland, boooh!

Dorian Gray

(below the fold because of spoiler – not like anyone who reads this cares :p)

Saw the movie yesterday. Good story (duh), giving plenty of food for thought; would you behave like this if you were ‘immortal’, in a sense? The acting in such a plot/idea-driven movie is not so important, but unfortunately – even though Colin Firth is well good in his role as an increasingly tormented mentor of Dorian – Dorian himself (Ben Barnes) is too flat; he never seems either really ecstatic about all his hedonism, nor really encumbered by his guilt. So the tally for story + acting ends up slightly positive.

The one other thing that really bothered me was the animated picture of Dorian. Seriously – even including gory noises, what were they thinking!? That alone knocks off a point of my rating, in the end bringing it down from 7/10 to 6/10. (Or 3 stars out of 5).


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