Opinion | Opinie 20/03/2010: Bye bye bluefin tuna

Not that there wasn’t anything to write about, on the contrary.

The bluefin tuna is headed for extinction, for instance.

The mind-boggling stupidity of everyone involved in hunting this animal to its demise is so overwhelming I truly lack words to describe it.

One particularly ‘OH MY GOD, THAT is stupid’ (from many many to choose from!) was that a further reduction of hunting quota had been rejected ‘in the interest of the tuna fishing industry’. I mean, just, wow. In a few years there won’t be any more tuna to fish – how’s that for ‘in the interest of the industry’.

Another is the total and utter ludicracy of countries like Japan (and a host of third-world nations) on having any say in this matter; a fish that only lives in the Mediterranean and the western Atlantic.

Yet another is that apparently (I hadn’t heard of them until this week) there is this organisation that is ‘supposed’ to take care of trade in endangered species (CITES) who, instead of focusing on the ‘endangered’ part, are more interested in keeping the ‘trade’ part running. They did not only manage to fuck up the bluefin tuna, but also the polar bear.

This is getting too depressing.

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