Opinion | Opinie 18/03/2010

OK I finally posted my first job application today. Nothing special, just a 20hr/wk admin support thing.

And now for something completely different!

I’ve subscribed to Twitter. I’ll probably post more than I read – just like with my blog. It’s because I think I am on average a lot more interesting than the people around me except for my friends – which is why I am friends with them.

But, I decided (thanks to some helpful chat with my lovely girlfriend) that I can actually decide whom/what I want to follow, so I’ll just be selective. And I’ll remove everyone who tweets too much/often, ruthlessly.

Compared to Facebook, where I haven’t really been the last few weeks – for an unidentifiable reason I just grew tired of it – it has some advantages:

  • No bullshit. No stupid games, ads or anything distracting you to get money from you.
  • Status updates are ‘kept’; on Facebook, if you update your status five minutes after the previous one, the former is gone, even though it may still be relevant. Useless!
  • Easier to use by mobile phone, I can easier envisage just writing or receiving a short message than posting photos or something
  • I usually feel tempted to write short, often even one-line, status updates, but on Facebook… well I just think these are lost between all the hoo-doo of ads, photos, vids… everything on Facebook has become such a shouty mess.

Follow me, from now, on:



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