Opinion | Opinie 17/03/2010

And again, too little time to write a proper opinion. Where the hell does all my time go? I should have at least 12 hours per day of time to do whatever I want… but in the end, almost nothing remains.

Today was probably the most depressing example so far. It started with me being at my girlfriend’s place and not being able to go home, because I forgot my house key. So I called the letting agency, but, what a miserable coincidence, yesterday the gasman had been round to check the gas at my place, and he hadn’t returned the key to the agency yet (they usually take the house key in case the occupier is not at home).

So, I had to wait until midday before I could pick that up. Spent my time semi-useful by fixing my gf’s shower, then using that same shower, and reading a bit (humanist propaganda :p, and Russian for beginners – funny to see that the Russian word for orange is just a Dutch word, апельсин, which transliterates into apelsin, or ‘appelsien’. But I digress.). OK yes I did play Rock Band for a bit – but not that much! Honestly!

By twelve the people responsible for the keys were “just away for a moment”, not returning until half twelve, when I finally got the call telling me I could pick up the keys. Did that, went home, but given that the agency is at the far end of Hove, didn’t arrive home until quarter past one. Hungry. By then I decided that today was a write-off as far as either job applications or photography or anything else in the house was concerned.

Went for a short shopping, got pizza for lunch, and whilst waiting and munching watched the Channel Four documentary about race and intelligence. Good, but it didn’t tell me much I didn’t at least suspect (or know). By that time it was going on three o’clock and I realised that I wouldn’t even be able to clean the transmission of my bike. Unbelievable.

Went proper shopping (and thrifty, too; of 24 items I bought only the petites pois were NOT in some way discounted :0)! ), was back just before four, didn’t have time for anything except leave immediately again to go to the library (which I suspected would close at five – indeed it did), and drop off the house keys back at the agency, which closed at six. Got at least some interesting books; one on the history of European architecture (one of my other big interests), one on digital photography (just for the hell of it), one on translating (good advice on what I want to do in the future) and one on English punctuation (ditto, useful for translating work). Dropped off the keys at the agency after that, and was home at a quarter to six – just in time to get a mug of coffee, browse briefly through my books… and head off again to the web site design course.

From which I returned at nine thirty, to find my gas had switched itself off. Fucking bugger. No heating, can’t cook, can’t do the pile of dishes. And of course any help is not available until the next morning.

So, that’s where time goes. Nowhere, really, well, almost nowhere. And then I didn’t even clean my bike, nor did the dishes, and also did not go out and celebrate St Patrick’s Day with my (Irish) girlfriend in an Irish pub.

One day, this will all be better. I’m sure.


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