Opinion | Opinie 12/03/2010

Deutsche Gründlichkeit (& billigheit (& pünktlichkeit))

Last christmas (I gave you my heart :p) I spent in Munich (as I reported). One of the less interesting things I did there was to have my stitches removed, after I fell on my head in the snow (as I don’t think I reported).

As I didn’t have European cover on my health insurance (in the UK health care is free under the NHS, so you need a cover for abroad), I had to pay €150,- up front by credit card. I was told that I would get back whatever I had paid too much, and had to pay extra if it was more (that, however, seemed unlikely).

Cheap! Reliable!

Since Germans are renowned for having exchanged their sense of humour for thoroughness and reliability, I actually wasn’t surprised to find an Airmail envelope on my mat this morning, containing a cheque with the reimbursement.

What I was surprised by was the cheapness of the whole affair. Three different people dealt with me in the hospital; the woman at the intake desk and two Herren Doktore to see to my stitches being removed and cleaned. I was there for half an hour, on Saturday, Boxing Day no less. Yet the whole affair only cost me 13 euro – and 74 cent.

Because Ze Germanz are not only punctual and reliable, but also very precise.

Three cheers for German healthcare! Hurray! Hurray! HURRAY!!


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