Opinion | Opinie 11/03/2010

I just printed off a few photos, A4 size, on high quality glossy paper.

They look great. Wow.

Nothing compares to that feeling :-). Disclaimer: I’m not saying it’s the best feeling in the world… just that nothing compares :-).

Unfortunately, showing these prints here as a screen picture will not work; there’s a lot of fine detail that you’d miss. I also wouldn’t want to spoil the demand for them if people could download them off my blog for free :p.

But what I can do is give a 100% crop detail to show what I’m talking about.

Here’s one:

A very cool “liquid” effect from a Photoshop filter, chrome, that I blended with the original photo to keep the colour.

Here a radically different one, instead of softening it actually enhancing edges making them rock-solid, comic-book style; it’s the poster edges filter.

I’m very sure about these two, they’re really good. There are two more that I think have potential, but they need something more, some more OOMPH.

This one is part created using ink outline; it muddles the darker bits into blackness. Otherwise it’s a really nice effect.

And this one is similar to the top one, except it is 100% chrome. There wasn’t much colour in the original, so losing it didn’t make that worse I think. But it lacks a focal point; it’s too much grey. Maybe I should try to colour the stained windows, or only one of them.

(yes, you can’t really tell from so up close what you’re actually looking at).

Boy, I love making these creatively styled photos :-).


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