Catholic clergy strikes again

(i.e. bonus opinion of the day 05/04/2010)

The Catholic church sometimes prides itself to be so rich (without ever asking itself whether that money should maybe have been spent on useful things). This doesn’t stop some of their clergy to try and make them even richer – or maybe this is how they got to be so rich in the first place!?

An Irish bishop has asked his parishioners to fork out cash… for the compensation the church has to pay to victims of sex abuse!

To point out two bleedingly obvious points, first, these victims would partly come from that same parish; second, there’s quite a lot of cash in Rome, and Rome is the centre of where all the “keep it hidden” orders came from, i.e. final responsibility.Let Rome finally do something useful with that money and hand it out to their victims.

The hypocrisy would be surprising – if it wasn’t the usual suspects doing their usual thing.


3 thoughts on “Catholic clergy strikes again

  1. It’s such a disappointment to read headlinmes such as yours above. The church is mostly comprised of good, honest folk that want to make life better for everyone. To castigate the whole organisation (and personally i am indifferent to the church) because of the assets and decisions made centrally is so sad.

  2. Well I can’t say I’m really sorry… yes it’s a fiery headline, but that’s what headlines are for.

    In the remainder of my post I do say “some of their clergy” “an Irish bishop” and “the usual suspects” which should be clear i.e. I am not tarring everyone in the RCC with the same brush.

    At the same time those central decisions are often pretty horrendous and do deserve to be criticised as harshly as possible. Maybe some good will come of this whole scandal in that the “good honest folk” realise that their church can be very ugly, leading to pressure from within to change.

    Thanks for commenting though, always appreciated :-).

  3. Fair enough, I just think the church gets a bad wrap; considering it is the cornerstone of our system of government, code of laws -civilisation; I think religion in general has facilitated a lot more benefit to humanity than not. But what’s it really matter, anyway? We don’t need chriostian doctrine right now; but I think its integrity should be maintained as we might well need it in 100 or even 500 years time. Who knows?

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