The browser choice

Browser beware

As you may be aware, Microsoft has agreed to offer everyone in the EU “a choice” between various browsers. So today, after a restart of my computer, I too was given that choice.

Chrome or IE or FireFox or…?

As fate would have it, I was already thinking of switching (back, in a way, because I had used it before for some time) to FireFox. Lately I have (had?) been using Google’s Chrome, which is lightning fast – but very skimpy on customisability, looks, and add-ons.

IE8 however is unlikely to become my favourite ever again; it is so godawful slow after having used Chrome… oh come on load that web page pleeeaaaase… better get me a coffee in the meantime. Outside the “Big Five” I don’t think there is anything to find for me except time-wasting on getting to know the browser &c.

So, for now, it is FireFox, and to get me off to a fun start I also installed some fun and useful extensions, to wit:

FoxTab – to spice up tabbing; not sure I will really use this but it looks fun

CoolIris – creates a Mac-like 3D wall of images on various websites (or your own hard drive)

CoolPreviews – generates a preview of a link; useful to judge if it’s worthwhile opening the link at all

TabberWocky – just a small but very useful extension of tab functions

Interwebs, here I come!

update: more extensions added:

LightShot – extremely useful screenshot tool

Foxtrick* – for my beloved Hattrick game, don’t think I need it but I can have it, can’t I?

*unfortunately the FoxTrick website contained a Trojan, so I won’t link there


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