Opinion | Opinie 28/01/2010

Tories pledge 0% council tax rise

As if that’s a good thing in and of itself!

I never understand this obsession – most noticeable in the USA – with low or non-increasing taxes. Taxes pay for the cohesion of society!

I don’t have time now to write an epistle about tax, but seriously, I think that taxes are a good thing. In this particular case (local tax) two things about tax are my main concern.

The first is that I like Brighton the way it is. I accept that this costs money to maintain; but I am willing to pay that (in the form of council tax). I would hate to see (random examples) parks being less-maintained or the garbage only collected every fortnight.

The second is that what money the council spends virtually all goes into the local economy. A cut in spending therefore is felt almost exclusively locally, too (the opposition parties agree wholesale with me – see this Argus article). I find that anti-social behaviour for a city council towards its own people. Good news – we are not raising your council tax. But oh, yes, sorry, we did have to axe your job as a result (or we stopped using the services of your company).

In the long run, moreover, these measures may simply turn against the city; jobless people may move out of (expensive) Brighton & Hove, visitors may stop coming.

In short: I disagree wholeheartedly with what seems to be merely a populist electioneering move – with council elections on the way.


One thought on “Opinion | Opinie 28/01/2010

  1. of course an unemployed man wants to increase the tax.. :p just kidding!!!! you know i agree with you :)

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