Opinion | Opinie 26/02/2010

So… the wedding yesterday… smooth as silk, I had a great day – and for sure I wasn’t the only one :-)! A -very- brief recount in no particualr order.

The couple

They clearly enjoyed themselves; in contrast to what I was expecting before, he was more nervous than she was. After a few initial hiccups at the beginning of the day they just had a good time; helped by perfect organisation. She looked as lovely as I’ve ever seen her; and it was great to see he was wearing something quite out-of-the-ordinary costume that fits his personality well.

Making new friends

Both of them have a great bunch of easy-going friends and family. I started the day knowing literally nobody, but I quickly got to know well over 30 new people and not a single unsympathetic one between them. As you’d expect from a mixed nationality couple (English/Spanish) and one of them a scientists, people from everywhere – the group I met up with early afternoon consisted of two Spanish, one English, one German, one Greek, one Portuguese, and one Argentine (and me Dutch). Later on I did obviously meet more Spanish (of which one Basque) and English (of which one of Hong Kong descent). Great!

The location

Newick Park is a magnificent place, big yet intimate, full of touching (seemingly coincidental and therefore obviously well-thought-of) details (see sample shots below) the staff was skilful and inobtrusive, and the food and drinks were of the highest quality. I’ve never eaten in a place where the waiters put the napkins on your lap for you :O! Again, great!


484, not too many ;-) – I took over 500 at the Airbourne airshow last year in a shorter time. Found out that a full battery ‘lasts as long as’ an 8Gb memory card, which is good; it helps planning. The (NiMH) batteries in the flash held out easily the whole day too, and I was glad to find a ‘cycle time’ of less than a second in most situations. I think I used bounce flash to good effect, and finally put to good use the swiveling head on my flash to take ‘portrait-bounce’ shots (with the flash firing ‘to the right’, bouncing it off the ceiling).

Everybody (well almost) I pointed the camera at put on a friendly smile without posing, again that was lovely. It helped that I had gotten to know some of the people already, they knew me, I wasn’t just some pesky photographer.

The official photographer (sporting a Nikon D2Xs – actually not too dissimilar from my camera – 12 MP, 5 fps, ISO 100-3200) was a nice guy too, despite the wrong brand of kit :-p ;-), we had a fairly easy-going ‘division of labour’ and were encouraging each other along the way. Yet again, great!

Some early sample shots

(will follow, ran out of time now…)


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