Mitchell and Webb

Upcoming Friday I’m (apparently) going to see Mitchell and Webb, a BBC comedy sketch show. Not to arrive unprepared, a quick YouTube search for them.

First off, more homeopathy-bashing (always good):

Then secondly… oh this is just funny :D

I’m sure I’m gonna have a right laugh!

OK one more for the road, this is soooo true (below fold)


3 thoughts on “Mitchell and Webb

  1. Hello!

    Firstly, thanks for posting up these clips – the homeopathy one’s long been a favourite of mine ;) Also, the Colin & Ray sketch is TOTALLY true – even I say “we” and “us” when referring to the football team I support, and it is a bit daft…

    Secondly, hope you enjoy the recording on Friday! I know this is sort of cheeky, but you wouldn’t happen to have any spare tickets, would you? The BBC does random draws for Mitchell & Webb tickets, and it means a lot of the fans miss out :(

  2. LOL these guys are hilarious!! Can’t believe I’ve never heard of them…Is their stuff on DVD yet? I should downlo…uhh I mean buy it. :P

  3. @MissPear: sorry, no spare tickets – I myself have been invited by a friend with spare tickets!

    @Emperor: you can “download” their DVDs from Amazon ;)

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